Layering is the secret. You will stay chic and warm at the same time. I recently ordered this cropped turtle neck top on and I directly thought about layering it with a shirt. Trust me, it will look better than a big thick knitwear and you will be surprise by how it will keep you warm. The good point is that if you are too warm you can take a layer off! This is the best option if you want to keep wearing all you summer shirts, just wear them under a knitwear.

We shot these pictures in my hometown by the lake. Sometimes, I don't realise how beautiful is the "Riviera". With all these Palm trees on the terrace, I felt like I was on vaca (ok... the temperature wasn't in correlation at all with my feelings haha).

I wish you all a great day, I know it's monday but it's OK right? Think positive and positive things will happen!

- I am wearing -
Cropped Top :
Long shirt : Zara
Jeans : American Apparel
Clutch : Zara
Heels : Zara


Wake up and smells the coffee! 

It's sunday, the best day of the week! What are you going to do? Did you plan anything or are you just going to enjoy your day at home? If you want you can absolutely do nothing today, it's allowed on sunday. I started my day very late this morning but now I am ready to enjoy my day! 

Here is the outfit I wore last week for the Swiss Cosmetic Awards in Geneva organized by the Edelweiss Magazine. It was a great evening where I discovered the best make-up, creams, lipsticks, parfums from the main brands such as Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel, Guerlain, Clarins and more and more... I wanted them all, I am such a make-up addict.

- I am wearing - 
Cape : Avant première
Skirt : Zara
Overknees : H&M Studio
Shirt : H&M
Sunglasses : Céline



This look was shot a few days ago in Zurich by my talented friend David from the blog "I'm not an it boy". I love Zurich so much, I just love the atmosphere and the energy of this beautiful city. The fact is every time I go there, I discover something new like a new shop or a new restaurant. I come to this city more often now and I start to really enjoy to spend more time there. It is still far from where I live as it takes me more than 2 hours by car or train to arrive in Zurich. I am very happy to go back to Zurich next week again for another event. I wish I could live there, I would save me ~6 hours train in a day.

So we shot these pictures just before to head to the Hugo Boss Showroom where I discovered the new collections. I always loved this brand and I was very happy and honored to be able to try a few pieces from their runway collection. I fell in love with a beige coat perfect for spring (people who follow me on instagram or Facebook may have seen it already). I also love all the accessories and the shoes were really to die for!

So now guys, it is time for us to get ready for the weekend! I wish you all a great day and we see each other very very soon.

- I am wearing -
Coat : Kookaï
Dress : Missguided, available here
Sunnies : Céline Paris
Hat : H&M


Hi my people! How are you today? 

On these picture I am wearing a new pullover that I received from Sheinside. Can you guess what? I am wearing it in the wrong way and it was exactly wanted! Why am I doing it ? Simply because the V neck is very deep and I thought it would be very nice in my back! It was this idea or wearing it with something under. I often heard that a V in the back is as sexy as a V neck ! Do you like it ? As the V in my back is very impressive, I wore it in a casual way with a boyfriend jeans.

Today I will not write a lot because I have to go to Zurich in a few for a meeting! So let's go and talk to you very soon !

- I am wearing -

Jeans : Zara
Heels : Yves Saint Laurent
Sunglasses : Céline
Earrings : Zara
Jeans : Zara