Happy to share with you this project we filmed in collaboration with Redken for the launch of the new multi-benefits hair treatment - One United. Sorry guys but the video is in french/german only but don't worry I am going to tell you more about the product in this article.

I received this product to discover months ago from Redken. The first thing that caught my attention was the 25 benefits, wow! I already knew the 3 in 1, the 6 benefits but 25? It sounded unreal. The most important things to know about it is that this is the easiest product to use! Most of us are often too..."lazy" to wait 5-10min on a mask leave in when we are in the rush. One United is a spray which is use after cleansing and you don't need to rinse it if you want an extra conditioning. 

The list of the benefits is quite long and I won't list them but since I have my grey hair, this product start to be my number one best friend! It conditions, nourishes, reduces dryness, gives a silky touch, adds shine to your hair and makes blow-dry easier.

A special thanks to the Cesium Hair Salon in Lutry for welcoming me and taking care of my hair! 


"Positive Mind
Positive Vibes
Positive Life"

Good morning! I wish you all a wonderful day and a great start of the week! Yeah I know, sorry but my motivation is huge today! I woke up in a very good mood and it's rare on a monday morning... I bet it's the same for you! Is that because I am going to New York this Friday? Yeah, probably but not only!

I've been recently totally obsessed with the orange palette which is THE color to wear this season. This color is very easy to mach and I especially love wearing it with white looks. I paired my blazer with a long white dress from the current H&M collection. A belt is a of course a great alternative to "mark" the waist. 

This week is going to fly! Packing is going to be THE mission of the week. I am still thinking about how can I fit all my stuffs in 1 luggage... I am not sure if I can make it... Do I need a extra luggage? Yes, I think so...! I have also a few events that I am going to attend in Switzerland so organisation will be needed in the next days. You can't imagine how excited I am with all these things coming!

outfit of the day
Blazer : Zara
Dress : H&M
Sunglasses : Céline Paris
Heels : Zara
Watch : Daniel Wellington
Pearl Cuff : The peach box
Belt : Céline Paris (Vintage)


Photography : Stéphane Mirao


The countdown started! In exactly 7 days, I will be flying to my favorite destination in the world : ......Nueva York aka New York City! It's been a while!!! Well something like a few months or so.... Oh! I am so happy! I can't wait to get wild, once again, in this city and share tons of pictures!

Those pictures were taken a few days ago while I was in Geneva with my friend Stéphane Mirao. I had a few meeting in the City of Geneva and we took advantage to walk around in the city in between. My outfit on these pictures is very basic. A trench coat is such a timeless piece (by the way I just ordered a brand new one in camel color^^). We simply can't have too many mid-season coats... and you know it! I also paired my very "preppy" high neck blouse with a leather pants for a little contrast.

High collar blouse : Zara, available here
Trench Coat : H&M
Leather Pants : La Redoute
Boots : Zara
Sunglasses : Céline

flared denim & Suede

Photography by : Stéphane Mirao

Holla ! How are you guys today? Fall outfit are officially back with the low temperature we actually have in Switzerland, 13-15°C...). Does it make me feel happy? Hell yeah! As I said to you, Fall is for sure my favourite season to get dress! Pants, jacket, boots, derbies, scarf, trench & light coat are all the pieces I love wearing during this period of the year!

Following the 70's trend, the denim and suede are everywhere! In this look I played with these 2 materials and with the flare pants which is not always easy to wear, I admit. 

Jacket : Zara (here)
Jeans : H&M
Tee : H&M
Belt : YSL, vintage
Boots : San Marina
Sunglasses : Artisans glasses, available HERE

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