Last week, I found the jacket of my life. This fluffy coat is so but so delightfully cozy! All we want here actually is feeling warm and in this jacket, I'm in heaven. I want to wear it all the time for every kind of occasions. The temperature are very low here now (~4°C), I guess winter starts officially and now we have to accept it. My friend David from www.imnotaitboy.blogspot.ch,  shot these pictures while we were to Zurich last wednesday. I love so much the atmosphere in this city, an all these little streets are just so cool! It was cold as never and you can't imagine how happy I was to have my fluffy jacket in my luggages.

SO guys, this his the end of the week. I can't wait to sleep a bit more during the weekend because this week was very intense for me. Do you have any plans (expect staying in bed)? Sometimes this is all we want to do and during this period of the year I can't get out of my cozy and warm bed. 

I am going to work on very cool project this weekend so stay tuned on my instagram @bangbangblond if you don't want to miss anything.

- I am wearing -

JACKET : Anouk
BOOTS : Zara
Illustrations by : Kactus.


Photography by : Lior Maman

First of all I would like to say sorry, I really wanted to post this article before but I didn't find the time to do it! So sorry about that!

So finally, I am sharing some pictures from my experience with the Redken team! I spent 3 amazing and unforgettable days with them around Switzerland for the Redken Tribe 2014. I feel incredibly lucky to have been invited to their main event as their special guest. The Redken Tribe is a professional event where they present the new technologies, the new products and the new hair trends. 

Everyday, I got pampered by professionals during hours. Make-up, hairstyle, I was directly seduce by the effort and attention they paid to me. I felt like a little princess during the 3 days with the team. We went to 3 different cities, in 3 days. It was a real challenge for me as I had to speak in front of all the guests about my blog and the most important was to talk about the fashion trends for fall/winter. It was hard work as I've never did something similar before but I enjoyed doing it a LOT. It was such a wonderfully experience! I've got REDKEN(IZED) during these 3 days. 

I discovered the brand Redken in New York 3-4 years ago during a trip there. I would have never expected spending 3 days with them as their guest for such an important event! You know, now that I've learn more things about Redken, I love this brand even more. I am now  officially a Redken Girl.


Blanket are the new coat and this is for sure the coolest way to wrap up warm this winter. On this look I’m draped in a “blanket”, well not a real blanket but in a blanket coat or a could say a scarf. During this period of the year, it is always impossible to leave the comfort of my bed and get ready for the day. Do you also have this feeling? Blanket coats are going to cozy up in this fall! 

Maybe you have seen the finale walk during the Burberry show, when all the models were wearing the Burberry “blanket” capes with their initials on it! It is exactly what I’m talking about! It’s really cool the possibility you have with a “scarf”. I actually would love to have this beautiful cape from Burberry with my own initials on it but I “preferred" to buy a similar one by Zara (without my initials on it, unfortunately).

From your sofa to the street, you can wear your blanket coat as a sweater or as a simple scarf and all at the same time!

- I am wearing - 

SHORT : Maje
CAPES : Zara


Hi peeps! How are you doing today? I m writing this article from my lovely hotel room in Thun, yes I won't be at home until Wednesday! It's very late but I really wanted to share my first impression with you!

I just came back from the Redken event where I spent an amazing time! I felt so happy to share my passion for fashion with all the people present there yesterday night. Actually after a day like this, I feel very tired. I gave all my energy and love to people around me during the evening! It was so nice to get pampered all day by professionals for the make-up and hairstyle, I felt like a little princess! I won't write a novel tonight because tomorrow I really have to be rested as I am going to have exactly the same day but in a different city! I am sooooo excited about it! Let's do it again!

This is the pictures we took on Saturday in Montreux. It was just before a little very productive shopping session with my mother!! I will show you very soon what I get! My outfits was very comfy for this morning which was perfect for the activity!

- I am wearing -

HEELS : Zara
RINGS : Love is