After spending a wonderful weekend in the ski resort of Davos with H&M in the swiss mountain, it is time to come back to reality and get ready for holidays! I came back from this weekend with a lot of memories as I had an amazing with my dear blogger friends! We were all a bit disappointed because there is almost no snow even if Davos is at an altitude of 1560m. You can ski but this is not the best conditions I've seen. My country is supposed to be the country of the snow but this year, we won't had a magical snowy christmas.

On this morning day in Davos, the weather was very very cold (-10° C), I decided to wear many many layers. It is very important in winter to put many thin layers, it is the best way to keep your very warm as it will insulate better. I put on my feet my old but timeless pair of Cat's which are for sure one of the best pair of shoes for walking in the snow. Timberland and Caterpillar boot's always are THE winter shoes to own. 

In Fact, I had a perfect weekent and the 1o hours train worth it. We saw magical snowy landscapes, we went to an amazing Party (Modernity) on top of the mountain and we also had a great dinner with the H&M team on saturday night.

- I am wearing -

Chapka : Vintage, second hand
Jacket : Ellos,
Dress : Zara
Boots : Caterpillar
Rings : H&M


FRIYAY ! Welcome home to my new baby clutch from gucci ! I received it from family as my birthday gift and I am so happy because this clutch is simply perfect! I am so blessed for all the love I received, it is priceless.

Today I am heading to a shooting for the Romande Magazine. I can't wait to be there, even more that I never did a shoot in studio, well yes once but it was 1 or 2  years ago ! It is time for me to take the train ! Tomorrow, I am leaving for Davos which is a Swiss Ski resort. I am going there with my lovely friend Stéphane from with the incredible team from H&M. Some exciting news to come...! I wish you all a great FRIDAY and don't forget to be crazy !

- I am wearing -
Short : Forever 21
T-Shirt : H&M
HAt : H&M
Clutch : Gucci
Boots : Geox
Rings : Love is

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Hello my people! How's everyone today? Before leaving for Davos on saturday morning, I have still many things to organize. I can't wait to spend the weekend there as I've never been in this ski resort, I realised that I still have many things to see in my country! I really hope to see the snow this weekend, it would be the first of the year. It is so zero to celebrate christmas without snow... It is not a real swiss christmas at all...Well we never know, maybe we will have a few snowflakes on christmas night.

Anyway, the good point? I can still wear my cut-out boots (with the snow it would be impossible...I think you agree! I love this pair so much and if you follow me on instagram you know it already! Let me tell you that this pair of shoes is available on When I discover The Backyard Concept store, I directly fell in love. They simply selected the most interesting brand such as "MIISTA" and "VAGABOND" for the shoes and "THE RAGGED PRIEST" for the clothes. They also have a lifestyle category with the famous headphones from "FRENDS" and the very good cosmetic brand "L:A BRUCKET".

So on this look, I am wearing my old check print pants from Zara which is always up to date and still one of my favorite for the season. I paired it with a warm and cozy knit sweater from Softgrey which is available on

- I am wearing -
Knit : Softgrey
Jacket : Ellos
Pants : Zara
Sunnies : Céline
Bag : Vintage Louis Vuitton
Little Heart Ring : Love is, available here
Lipstick : CHANEL, rouge allure, color : 109 rouge noir


Hello my sweet ones and you can say Hello to my new pair of Miu miu! Welcome home! I was so happy last week when I found them at the Bon Génie store in Geneva. I was looking for a pair exactly like this one for months and months and I finally found them! It is my first pair of Miu Miu and I am so blessed to receive them as a christmas gift from my family. You can probably understand that I couldn't wait any longer before to wear them! I was very surprised to see that this brand sized bigger than usual. I am size 39 and this is a size 37.5, did you notice the same or not at all? 

Some people will think that this kind of flats are made for small feet but I can tell you that this is totally wrong! Today I have thousands and thousands things to do like renewing my passeport, let me fly away! I won't write too much and I will simply let you enjoy these pictures and I see you very soon !

- I am wearing - 

Flats : Miu miu
Slim : Zara
Shirt : H&M
Jacket : Vila
Hat : Morgan
Sunglasses : Zara
Clutch : Zara

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