Shirt : MIOPO | Chelsea Boots : Zara | Hat & Rings : H&M | Bag : Tory Burch 

The best things in life come from the simple things. A long blue shirt from MIOPO with a pair of chelsea boots and we are ready to start a new day. Let's start the new week with no doubt, no fear and no worry. 

It's time for me to tell all of you another little secret. My upcoming week is going to be crazy because I am leaving on friday for... PARIS! Oh Paris, the most beautiful and romantic city in the world. I couldn't be more excited about it! I've never been in Paris during the Fashion Week and I can't wait to feel this amazing atmosphere! Paris is such a beautiful city, I've been there a few times but I never get tired of visiting it. There is always something new to discover, a city full of little treasures. I am happy as a kid but there is still so much to do before to leave! I will travel a few times across Switzerland this week to organize everything (don't worry my country is not big)... 

There is some very cool projects coming soon on the blog and I can't wait to share all of them with you. I will be very active on my social media (Instagram, Facebook etc...) during my trip in Paris so stay tuned! 


Illustrations by : Kactus.

Beautiful and romantic illustration from Coco Chanel by Kactus. Such an iconic woman.

I wish you all a beautiful friday and have a lot of fun !


Skirt & Jacket : H&M | Top & Heels : Zara | Bag : Michael Kors 

Hello Hello! Are you guys following me via Instagram or Facebook? If you don't, you may not know the little secret I revealed on tuesday. No need to prolong the suspense any longer, I told you on monday that I was going to a special meeting on tuesday in Zurich and it was by L'oréal. How amazing is that? I can't tell you more about for now, it but it sounds more than very cool! I am already very excited to share more with you about this project. Very spoiled, I came back home with many products from Redken. I wanted to try them directly (It was like christmas for me^^)! Can you see the difference on these pictures? I felt my hair so healthy after all the treatments, they reborn from their ashes like a phoenix haha. It could be the new slogan from Redken!

In Switzerland the trees lose their leaves already, it's a sign that fall is just around the corner. I guess my outfits are slowly influenced by the end of summer. Mustard is, as usually, going to be one of main color for the next season. I am kind of matching my outfit with the color of the nature actually. 


Skirt : H&M | T-Shirt : H&M Studio collection AW 2015 | Hat : Urban Outfitters | Boots : Sandro | Clutch : Zara

Hello everybody!! All black, it's all I wanted to wear yesterday! I am not in a bad mood at all I just love black actually! It looks always so sophisticated, black is versatile you simply can't go wrong. You can easily play with different textures. Here, I paired a neoprene skirt with a cotton top and a pair of patent leather boots. I couldn't wait fall to wear my Sandro boots.

Today, I have to go to Zurich for a special upcoming project. I will keep it secret for now but you will soon know more about it. I am already very excited about that and it sounds like a real challenge for me and I love that!


After this exciting meeting, I have to cross the country (again) to go to La Chaux-de-Fond. There, I will meet my friend Stéphane from Smira-Fashion and Romina from Blaastyle. It always cool to see other blogger during events, we have even more fun together! La Chaux-de-fond is the city where almost all the swiss watch companies are. I am going to the Girard-Perregaux event, which is a famous swiss watch brand. So tomorrow, I am going to spend the half of my day in the train, crossing the country. I will share with you everything about my trip so stay tuned on my instagram (@bangbangblond) or on my other social networks. You will maybe discover what the secret project is about...

I am currently writing this article from my bed, this is 1:00AM and I have to wake up early to take the train tomorrow morning. I am exhausted as I didn't sleep a lot this weekend (too much party....) but I am more motivated then never! Let's have a little rest before to start a new day! 

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Top : Mango | Jacket & Trousers : H&M | Bag : Tory Burch (available here) | Rings : H&M & Love is (available here) | Necklace : Thomas Sabo

Hello Monday, you are always back so fast! I hope you guys spent a beautiful weekend and enjoyed all these precious moments. I was running everywhere this weekend. I did so many different things that on sunday evening I needed to breathe a little. I decided to go have a good workout in the forest. I can't describe that feeling but I felt so good during this time. I was alone in the middle of this beautiful nature freeing my mind, thinking about nothing else than what I was doing. I did more than expected and surpassed myself. After the workout, I realized how important it is to do it, not only for the body but for our mind. I really want to workout more from now, I think this is something we all need. I was exhausted and my entire body was so sore but I was happy and this is all what we want to be right?

On these pictures taken a few days ago, I was wearing an all black outfit with a blue kimono from H&M. This kimono is one of my best summer pieces I've got. Maybe you remember that I already posted it a few months ago on the blog (here) and this is I guess my favorite pictures so far. I love pairing blue with black and I honestly don't understand why people think that these colours don't look good together...No this is not a faux pas at all in fact, It looks stunning and super-cool together. Break this rule right now girls!